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Industry Awards

Origins Award 2007 for Best Board Game: Treehouse

Origins Award 2003 for Best Abstract Board Game: Zendo

ICE Awards

These games are the winners of the Ice Awards.

Award Year Games Published Winner Runner Up Finalists
2012* 2011 Freeze Tag Evacuate Gleebs and Grues, Ziggurat Demolition Throwdown
2011 2010 Pyrinoes Runner up not noted Nile, Plutonian Poker, Pyramideto
2010 2009 Quicksand Runner up not noted Crosswalk, Stack Control
  • The 2011 Awards were awarded March 2013.


These games are the winners of the Icehouse Game Design Competition.

IGDCFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
Spring, 2009ApophisLanding Zone3-High
Summer, 2008AmbushLoggerAlbiorix
Winter, 2008Martian 12sWreckTangleTimelock
Summer, 2007PylonSubdivisionZamboni Wars
Spring, 2005TorpedoCold Spell & Spectra
Winter, 2005HextrisBlam!A-A-Artic Kettering
Autumn, 2004UndercutE, TGOMCIce Palace
Summer 2004SprawlMissile CommandTurning Points
The Most Improved From Previous Contest, 2004
Autumn, 2004 Moscow Ice 'n More.
Note: The winners in 2004 and 2005 were published in Hypothermia #16 in Summer 2005 and are archived permanently on the former contest web site (replaced by coordinating the IGDC here at the wiki).

Piecepack community

Ludic Synergy piecepack contest: Alien City, winner

Other Awards

2007 Ciutat de Granollers de Creacion de Juegos: Mundialito, finalist