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Each player needs 1 stash. You also need a small token about the size of a large Looney Pyramid.

Take turns placing pieces. A piece must share an attribute with at least one piece next to it. The token has all attributes i.e. any piece can be played next to it. (Form a grid using only uprights. Valid attributes are color and size) .When all the pieces are placed, remove the token and play Pylon, but you can only move pieces of your color or stacks capped with your color (move the whole stack), all pieces must remain in one big group (orthogonals only), and size is irrelevant while stacking (any piece can be placed on any piece, no matter what size). You capture pieces, too, if you find a tower with 1 of 4 capturing formations anywhere in it:

  1. Any 3 pieces of the same size in a row
  2. A tree
  3. A nest
  4. The tower is so tall it topples :P

When you find one, remove it and place it in front of you. If it's in the middle of a tower, be careful to keep the tower in the right order. If you can't make a move, find any piece of yours in a stack, and put it on the top. Move that tower. If there are no moves for you even after that, GAME OVAH. Score captured pieces as in Volcano, but a monochrome tree of -your- color counts 14, a non-monochrome tree containing a piece of yours is 10, and a solitary piece of yours counts 2. (Things containing your color count double.) Whoever has the most points wins!