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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Four colors, but only one will be worth points by the end.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Undercut (French)  + (Dans Undercut, les joueurs essaient d’enchérir bas pour obtenir les pièces de la plus petite valeur possible.)
  • TrackAngel  + (Deduce the location of your opponent's secret submarine on a chessboard)
  • Tower Defense  + (Defend your headquarters)
  • Pikemen  + (Defend your pieces from jousting pikemen!)
  • Pyrinoes  + (Dominoes, with extra pyramids)
  • CrackeD Ice  + (Don't tip the ice floe!)
  • Tower War  + (Draft a deck, then try to wage a war without making the tower collapse.)
  • Dragonflock  + (Dragons intimidate each other and lay waste to hapless towns)
  • Ice Stalks  + (Draw magic rocks to grow colored stalks)
  • Cryosquare  + (Dynamic two-player, two-stash connection game played on a chessboard.)
  • Pyramideto  + (EASY, FAST, and FUN.)
  • Torpedo  + (Each piece is a naval ship, all placed on the field of play in a mad rush. Then the small ships shoot torpedoes, then the medium ones, and then the large ones. The player with the most pips of ships left at the end is the winner.)
  • Outgrow  + (Each player represents a fungal colony, trying to outgrow the other colonies in the limited space available.)
  • Candy Capture  + (Earn the most points once all candy pieces are captured)
  • Edges  + (Edges is an abstract strategy game of placement for two, played on the 31 edges (not squares or points) of a three by four rectangular grid representing the canal network.)
  • Homeworlds (German)  + (Ein Strategiespiel um epische Weltraumschlachten)
  • Houses of Thoth  + (Erecting Pyramids on Tarot cards, and vice versa)
  • Sphinx's Paw  + (Escape from monsters beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza)
  • Epicycle  + (Exchange your pieces for those in a circle. Avoid getting 3 pieces of the same size.)
  • IceToids  + (Explore a board made of print-and-play cards.)
  • Barsoomian Jetan  + (Fantasy chess on Barsoom (Mars))
  • Gorean Kaissa  + (Fantasy chess on the planet Gor)
  • Chain Reaction  + (Fire 'particles' at 'atoms' and direct the chain reaction to let you capture pieces)
  • Martian 8-Ball  + (Five-handed Martian Coasters for two!)
  • Pentachrome  + (Form chains by color or size to earn points)
  • Igloo  + (Four colors, but only one will be worth points by the end.)
  • Quintazone-Chaser  + (Further play to follow on a game of Quintazone)
  • Par-Trees-i  + (Get all your pieces to the center goal)
  • Pach-Ice-i  + (Get all your pieces to your opponent's start)
  • Pentamid  + (Get five pieces in a row)
  • Pentamid Twist  + (Get five pieces in a row)
  • Evacuate  + (Get your Stacktor clans out of burning nightclubs before your rival/s manage/s to do the same.)
  • Gnostica  + (Gnostica, an updated version of Zarcana, involves capturing territory on an evolving board made up of Tarot cards.)
  • Treehouse (Polish)  + (Gra oparta na kostce Treehouse)
  • Martian Coasters (Polish)  + (Gra rozgrywająca się na podkładkach Martian Coasters)
  • Stack Control (Polish)  + (Gra strategiczna, gracze budują wieże z unikalnych elementów.)
  • Gygès (Polish)  + (Gra strategiczna, gracze przemieszczają piramidy na szachownicy.)
  • Zark City (Polish)  + (Gra strategiczna, gracze zajmują terytorium zbudowane z kart.)
  • Branches & Twigs & Thorns (Polish)  + (Gra strategiczna, gracze zapełniają plansze swoimi piramidami.)
  • Quicksand (Polish)  + (Gra strategiczna, w której plansza nieustannie się zmienia, a celem jest zdobywanie piramidek przeciwnika.)
  • CrackeD ICE (Polish)  + (Gra zręcznościowa, stąpając po lodzie należy uważać, by się nie załamał.)
  • RAMbots (Polish)  + (Gracze potajemnie programują ruchy swoich robotów.)
  • Aeb  + (Grow your forces and destroy the enemy.)
  • Thin Ice  + (Grow your fragile ice crystal until it shatters)
  • Icehouse Plant Game  + (Grow your pieces toward the sun)
  • Iceberg  + (Guess correctly and be rewarded)
  • Pumpkin  + (Halloween Game)
  • Infobox  + (Help out the wiki by adding infoboxes)
  • Turtler  + (Help your turtle navigate a busy 6-lane freeway)
  • High Ground  + (High Ground is a game of Strategy and luck that uses playing cards as the board (gnostica fans unite!), and Icehouse pyramids as the player's pieces.)
  • Gnaqush  + (Hop to the other end of the board and promote your pieces)