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Games Played
78. [[Ikkozendo]] 2.6<br>
79. [[Tic_Tac_Loop]] 2.6<br>
80. [[IceCubed]] $#<br>
81. [[Pentamid Twist]]<br>
82. [[Ice Dao]] 2.5<br>
91. [[Penguin Soccer]] 2.2<br>
92. [[Pharaoh]] 2.2<br>
93. [[Ice Palace]] *#<br>
94. [[Ice3]] 2.1<br>
95. [[Crosswalk]] 2.1<br>
I've taken my own games out of the rated list to eliminate bias. <br>$ # While any game is ranked subjectively and will change with additional plays, I especially question my own ranking of this game, so I'll need to replay it at some point.
== To Play Soon ==

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