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Buyer's Market

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| subject_name=Buyer's Market
| designer=Designed by [[User:nihilvor|Gregory Lattanzio]]|
| image_link=[[Image:BuyersBuilt.jpg|225px|Game after building stage]]|
| description=
| min_players=2
The bottom level must consist only of Large pyramids. It must have at least 4 larges to be completed.<br><br>
The 2nd level must consist only of Medium pyramids. It must have at least 3 Mediums to be completed.<br><br>
The 3rd level must have at least 1 Small for it to be a completed building(same for any top level beyond the third).<br><br>
You can go beyond the 3rd level by legally placing additional Smalls on top of the 3rd level (e.g., if the third level contains 2 Smalls, a single Small may be placed on 1 of those pyramids).<br><br>
You start building with the bottom level. If you do not have the necessary pyramids to build a given level, your building stops and scores, half-built. A structure is considered complete if it has at least 3 levels built to code.<br><br>

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