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IcehouseOrg:To-do list

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add Pyramid Arcade todos
** Description currently has wikitext on many pages, but that doesn't seem to be supported by the current version of Semantic MediaWiki. We need to either find a way to make a property that contains a plain-text description that goes along with the wikitext description, figure out how to enable wikitext in a property, or make it not be a semantic property.
** Add a search page that allows searching or browsing games by property
* Update the wiki for [[Pyramid Arcade]]
** Write the page
** Add the games
** Add the components
** Update the various infoboxes/templates to include
* Upload [[Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:Reqimage|requested]] images, especially for the [[Talk:Main Page#Need photos|Main Page]]
* Add the [[Infobox]] to the [[Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:Reqinfobox|rest of the games]]

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