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Mad Robots, Designed by B00jum.

These are my rough notes. Its probably not internally consistent yet.

Uses four stashes?

Robots moving across a board.

This game is thematically linked to RAMBots and Robo Rally

Programming occurs.

Play order:

  • Play current program
  • Move hidden to revealed queue
  • Play into queue.

The queue has only 2 places: In and Out.

Move speed and direction.

Red Blue Green Purple

Put N pieces on board = number of players.

Each player gets a single stash

    • programming affects the color of the robot on the field.
    • In other words: the robots are not attached to a player
    • *ALL* players can affect any robot on any given turn.

Order could be affected by:

 * high to low
 * color order
 * neutralize (conflicting order of same size result in paralysis).
 * order of players (rotating initiative)

Potential rules:

 * no color may follow same
   (you cannot program the same robot for 2 subsequent turns)
 * robots push other robots


 * first robot out a player exit point?


 chess (8x8)
 hex map (7x7)


 * Forward
 * Left or Right
   - If hex, size of L/R would mean change face 1-3 to L|R
   - If square, size may matter when turning
     (this is turn w/o move)

Advanced rules:

 color powers
 meta programming (using white/black/crystal stashes)
 Use neutral upright to create terrain/obstacles