José Carlos de Diego Guerrero

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I'm the webmaster of a site where Spanish players can congregate and see the world of board games (in particular Icehouse). My web is [] and []. Also I'm translating, together with other players, Icehouse's rules into Spanish; you will be able to find them [here].

Last week I organized demonstration games in Madrid (Spain). You can see photos [here].

ICEHOUSE is one of the more original games systems that I know of, and the Icehouse game system is a great idea: with a few stashes and the free rules, you can play many games and of diverse types. With just 60 little pyramids, you can play all kinds of fun games, ranging from Zendo, a wonderfully original logic game, to Gnostica, a fascinating strategy game with just enough randomness, to Volcano, an abstract strategy/puzzle game, to RAMbots, a programming game, to Ice Towers, a real time, turnless game, and on and on, with hundreds of games available online, and more games being created all the time in Icehouse game design contests.

Regards from Spain.