Giant Martian Coasters

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Giant Martian Coasters
Andrew Looney
The Beverage-Coaster Treehouse Board Game - in Giant Size
Players: 2-4(5)
Icehouse stashes: 1 Giant Cardboard Treehouse set
Other equipment: 6-sided die (giant die optional), Martian Coasters set (optional 5th coaster)
Setup time: <1 minute
Playing time: 5-10 minutes
Rules complexity: Low
Strategy depth: Medium-low
Random chance: Moderate (dice)
Mechanics: Beverage-coaster manipulation
Theme: Abstract

Giant Martian Coasters is exactly like Martian Coasters, except that it is played with pyramids and coasters 8x normal scale.

Making the Coasters

Carol Townsend has made a set of cardboard Giant Coasters.