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This is a list of games that use a deck of Tarot cards.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersStashesSetsGame MechanicsStatus
GnosticaGnostica, an updated version of Zarcana, involves capturing territory on an evolving board made up of Tarot cards.1 per playerUnknowncomplete?
Houses of ThothErecting Pyramids on Tarot cards, and vice versa2555Accumulation, Constructioncomplete?
Ice MerchantsVenus is a hot place: The Place for the "in" crowd, party central for the solar system, and a tourist trap par excellance. There's just one problem. It's a HOT place...5Unknowncomplete?
IceDuelA miniatures-oriented, arena duel game with an unusual character creation format.244 (red, green, blue, and yellow)Color powerscomplete?
Zarcanaterritorial control on a board of cards, with CCG-like card effects1 single-color stash per playerUnknowncomplete?