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Andy Looney is the inventor of the Icehouse game system, which he conceived of in his novel The Empty City. Andy is the Chief Designer of Looney Labs, which he co-owns along with his wife, Kristin.


Andy's game designs include:


Andy gives a special medal to anyone who can beat him at Homeworlds. Here’s the current list of medal holders:

  1. John Cooper
  2. Russell Grieshop
  3. Tim Sieger
  4. Joshua Kronengold
  5. Dayle Hodge
  6. Rob Bryan [Delivery still pending]
  7. Tom Eigelsbach
  8. Josh Drobina
  9. Shel West
  10. Wil Allyn
  11. Laurie Menke
  12. Leila Zucker
  13. Paul Petersen
  14. Matt Fantastic
  15. Sydnie Steele
  16. Alex Everington
  17. Croix Gyurek

One of these medals has also been lost. It was pinned to a plush Owlbear who went missing at Burning Man 2017. We’re hoping Commander Owlbear has been having grand adventures and will someday return home, still wearing his medal.


For more information about Andy, check out his blog.