Hey there,

My names Tyler and I've been obsessing with these pyramids since the tail end of 2019. By day I'm a computer programmer and by night I'm usually at home with my wife and my cat talking their ears off about whatever thing I'm obsessed with today. I haven't done very much wiki editing but I'd like to do what I can. Big fan of organized and completed information.

I've also been toying with Paper Pyramid pieces and boards to make them a touch more colorblind friendly after a good friend of mine had a bit of difficulty enjoying a round of Looney Ludo/Martian Coasters. I'm also interested in the piecepack system to a lesser extent but keep percolating with an idea of a Super Pyramid Pack with 12 suits, 13 ranks, Suited Cards, Suited Tiles, and Suited Pyramids for everything. Perhaps someday I'll get that figured out.

In the meantime I look forward to helping out here where I can when I can. (As of writing a new Looney Labs Holiday Gift had come out and has no page! GASP!)

SPACE CADET LIST [12/11/2019] 1. Looney Ludo (Martian Coasters) [5-6] 2. Apophis [1-4] 3. Lunar Invaders [2] 4. Treehouse [2-10] 5. Hijinx [2] 6. Martian Chess [2-4?] 7. Ice Dice [2-3] 8. Pharaoh [2-4] 9. Egyptian Solitaire [1]

I've played all of these games at least once. I'm familiar with several others, but until I've played it properly with others I can't bring myself to put it on the list regardless of how interesting the concept alone sounds to me.