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Jason Spears

Avid boardgamer, pyramid lover, father of two beautiful little girls, lego fiend and CAD jockey.

I also play games frequently on online board gaming sites, including SuperDuperGames (Where many Icehouse games can be played),, Mabiweb, and SpielbyWeb. I use the same userid on all those sites, the same as I use here.

I'm also very active on BoardGameGeek.

I created some Art for Pyramids to be used either here (once the thumbnail creation is fixed) or in rules. Anyone is free to use it.

Icehouse Vector Graphics

All the .svg files can be found on

Icehouse Games I've played

Albiorix, Ambush, Amoeba, Atom Smasher, Binary Homeworlds, Blam!, Dog Eat Dog, Drip, Homeworlds, IceFrogs, IceTowers, Logger, Martian Backgammon, Martian BattleSpires, Martian Chess, Martian Coasters, Pass The Pyramids, Penguin Soccer, Pikemen, Pylon, T-Minus, Tic Tac Doh!, Treehouse, Virus_Fight, Volcano, Zark City, Zendo

I played a game of Alien City on SDG, but didn't completely understand scoring at the time. I still need to get around to playing it in person.

Icehouse Games I've designed

Ambush & IceFrogs

Entered in the Icehouse Game Design Competition, Summer 2008
Winner: Ambush 2nd: Logger 3rd: Albiorix 4th: Virus_Fight 5th: Atom_Smasher
6th: Dog_Eat_Dog & Martian_BattleSpires 8th: Pass_The_Pyramids 9th: T-Minus 10th: Tresurion