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Me: Steve Omodth

Husband and father of 2. Avid gamer since 1997 when I was introduced to Magic: The Gathering. After $2000 worth of Magic cards, and nothing to show for it, I decided CCG's might not be the best way to go. Aside from Icehouse and Looney gaming, I also encourage anyone who is willing to try Disc Golfing. The only sport that I have ever found enjoyable. It's like regular golf, but it's fun. Also, the country club finally went through with that restraining order... stupid lack of public urinals.

Games I've Made


Ice Stackers


Games I've Played

Armada, Black ICE, Coastercano, Colorblind, CrackeD Ice, Drip, Geomancy, Gnostica, Homeworlds, Ice Age, Ice Stackers, Icehouse, IceTowers, Igloo, Martian Coasters, Martian Coasters Chaturanga, Martian Mancala, Martian Mud Wrestling, Martian Risk, Moon Shot, Penguin Soccer, Pikemen, Pylon, Quindazone, Rotationary, Subdivision, Thin Ice, Tic Tac Doh!, Treehouse, Trip Away, Venusion Bowling, Volcano, Zamboni Wars, Zarcana, and of course Zendo

My Icehouse Stuff

I'm very bad with computers, so until I figure out how to make links to my pictures, here are my pictures as is.


My dad has a shop in his backyard, so he agreed to help make a lot of my Icehouse stuff. Here is the box that took us about 15 hours with all the trouble shooting. So far with it weighs in at 17 pounds.

Icebox open.JPG

The board you see there is a Homeworlds board. It slides to open and close the box, so it can only be opened when it's flat, otherwise a mess of stuff falls out. The flip side of the Homeworlds board is a chessboard.


This is the second tackle box I've got so far. The first one filled up, and I think that's the fate of this one as well.


This was more of an experiment than anything. I was thinking about a Nine Man's Morris board instead, but I think this was a good choice.


In hind sight I think the 7x7 Volcano Board was a little overboard. The reason the black squares are painted as such is so that I can use this board to play Nine Man's Morris. It's a little confusing, but if you can make a strait line it works.

Stash pad.JPG

This is my wooden stash and Global Stash Pad. The thing that makes me mad is that even though the squares are cut to the size of each piece, the one point pieces still get knocked over way to easily. I just can't win.