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Hey! Call me Scratch-O. I'm an undergrad from Houston who moved out to the desert of West Texas in pursuit of a geology degree (with a minor in comp sci). I discovered the Looney Pyramid system after buying Fluxx and looking up Looney Labs's other work. The pyramids, with their distinctive appearance and mechanically-unusual games, immediately piqued my interest. I bought the Pyramid Arcade bundle that was sold for the 2019 holiday season, which included the base box and just about every extra piece of related kit for the price of just the box. I love games. Video games, mainly, but board/card games and tabletop RPGs and the like have always been a hobby of mine. My favorite pyramid games tend to be the ones that can be explained to a newcomer in a few minutes, then played for a few rounds in ten to fifteen. Hijinks is always a good, quick intro to the pyramids; if my opponent liked playing and wants to try something deeper, I usually step them up to Looney Ludo/Martian Coasters, Launchpad 23, or a couple rounds of cooperative Color Wheel. I absolutely love games like that, where simple mechanics and set-ups hide deep, strategic play, and As far as wikis go, I am the textbook definition of a gnome (do wiki editors even use that term anymore?). I like my pages neat and up-to-date. I do make more substantial changes occasionally, usually in regards to topics for which I am particularly passionate, but that isn't too common. In short, I want to help out here with some dusting and polishing.