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Hello! Icehouse is my favorite game system. I kind of consider myself a Starship Captain:

In no real order:

  1. Binary Homeworlds
  1. Icehouse
  2. ÜberPylon (my own Pylon game with up to 10 players)
  3. Martian Chess
  4. IceCream
  5. Solace (does solitaire count?)
  6. Martian Coasters
  7. IceTowers
  8. ÜberIcehouse (Two stashes a player)
  9. Volcano
  10. Treehouse


Anybody else like "Icehouse pieces" better than "Looney pyramids"? I do.

My opinion of what a game needs

I think a game needs these things:

  1. Little-no luck (or at least it can be used wisely)
  2. Martian OR abstract OR outer space :P
  3. Simple
  4. Fun

The Oven

Anti Spam!

I kill spam! If you find a page with a spammy title but no content, I was probably there. :D