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There are many tricks available when writing wikitext, but there are also some useful techniques which don't appear in the source of any page. This is the page to document such Wiki Trickery for this site.

Toolbar Links

These are bookmarks or other bits of browser code meant to be installed as a "favorite", a menu item, or whatever system your browser uses. Not all of these will work with all browsers.

Anywhere search box

This bookmark code takes you to a page with the name you select, or does a search with the given text if there's no page of that name. Of course, this is what the search box does on every page, but this is intended to replace a bookmark that links merely to the site or the Main Page, because it lets you go directly to any wiki page from a new browser window, say.


Following Recent changes

The Special:Recentchanges page is automatically generated by the server upon request. You can customize the search in a variety of ways. For example, you can hide patrolled edits if you're especially looking for vandalism and spam. If you don't delete that window right away, you can use the link following "Show new changes starting from" to see only newer changes under the same customization. It works best if you keep that window around, following the link every few hours to see what's happening.

But what if you've closed that window, probably through no fault of your own? Your browser history may still remember the URL of the last Recent changes page you visited, and you've got your custom settings back.