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memeatron is the pseudonym of Jonathan Leistiko. Jonathan spends a large portion of his free time adding content to the Invisible City Productions website, mostly in the form of posting a new free game on the 15th of every month in the Games District. More than a few of these games are Icehouse games.

In July of 2005, Jonathan assumed responsibility for running the Ice Game Design Competition.

In addition to Icehouse, and games in general, Jonathan is involved in Toastmasters and enjoys origami.

Telephone support specialist for a major computer company by day, renegade freelance game designer by night, Jonathan Leistiko strives to defeat the forces of boredom and the mundane. You'll find me on this wiki posting under my "memeatron" alias.

My primary hobby is game design. Jeremy, Sharon, and I started Invisible City Productions back in January of 2000 as a place for creators of indy media to share their stuff. Along with 'zine reviews and blog entries, we've put up one free print-and-play game every month in our Games District. As of May 1st. '05, we've posted 64 free games. Several of these have been Icehouse games:

We have another Icehouse game (Snowblind) scheduled for release on November 15th, 2005

For more info about Jonathan, check out his bio on the Invisible City Productions website.