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Collector of board games, player of pinball games, and creator of old-school video games.

My interest in board games and video game design made me think to myself one day, "Are there any strategy games out there that aren't turn-based"? Lo and behold there was at least one, and that one was Icehouse. I was in college and far too poor to justify the purchase of an Icehouse set, but luckily for me I graduated and the Pyramid Arcade Kickstarter was launched shortly thereafter, and now I have it and I love it and I'm a Starship Admiral and everything.

I've developed one Pyramid game so far. It goes by the name of Super Death Ray.

As of 02/01/2017 this is my Starship Admiral list. I've learned nearly 40, but these are the games I truly enjoy.

01. Binary Homeworlds

02. Logger

03. Volcano

04. Petal Battle

05. CrackeD Ice

06. Lunar Invaders (without Malfunction Tokens)

07. World War 5

08. Subdivision

09. Armada (with evenly matched players)

10. Zark City

11. Petri Dish

12. SandShips

13. Apophis

14. Ice Dice

15. Color Wheel

16. Martian Chess

17. Epicycle