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Hi, I'm Kat Costa. You can find me on BGG under the username kataclysm. I discovered pyramid games around 2012 and I liked the idea of playing many games from one set of materials. Years later, it has proved an enduring hobby for me. My favorite pyramid games tend to be combinatorial games with lots of strategy and very little luck.

Games Designed

Xero-G (2019)
Green Hijinks (2016)

Recommended Games

Have you tried these? They're good!
Apophis — A fun cooperative game about destroying an asteroid in real-time.
Ricochet Pyramids — A real-time puzzle game with tons of replay value
Zark City — Pyramids + poker cards = fun
Binary Homeworlds — A deep and satisfying game of perfect information and wormholes.
Volcano — A colorful, thinky strategy game.
IceSickle — A two-minute zero-luck strategy game
Pikemen — It's like chess, but better.
Turning Points — There's basically only one rule, but you will be surprised at the end-result when there are sufficient pieces on the board.

Games I Want to Try

  • Treehouse Snakes and Ladders — if Snakes and Ladders had actual decisions and tactics
  • Houses of Thoth — Erect high towers of pyramids and Tarot cards
  • Imperial Shuffle — A 2-player game played on two 4x4 boards where the pyramids sometimes lie down and sometimes stand up
  • Solomids — A solo puzzle game using 3 rainbow stashes and a 10x5 board

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