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About me


My Rabbit bio

What I do: Kodak trained and certified One-hour Photo Lab Technician

Where I live: Dover Plains, NY

Where I play: Alterniverse

Games I have created

Games I'm working on

  • Martian Combat
  • Gamebox for Cyberboard that will allow people to play most pyramid games with other players around the world via email (pending approval from the Looneys).

Update on the Cyberboard gamebox 11/05/07

The gamebox is completely finished (including the documentation). It has the following features:

Gaming table playing board with a picture of Andy, Kristin and Alison, as well as a d6 to Treehouse die conversion chart and a d8 to compass die conversion chart
Scoreboards playing board
Game status playing board
Game status chart (can be placed on the gaming table in lieu of using the game status playing board)
Turn counter (can be placed on the gaming table in lieu of using the game status playing board)(*)
Complete set of tile libraries so you can create your own gamebox specific to your favorite pyramid game
20 of each size and color pyramid
5 of each color Volcano caps
Volcano boards
2 sets of Martian Coasters, 1 set marked for Xeno (for ÜberMartian Coasters), each set packaged with and without the promo coaster
8x8 chess board (1 side with black & white squares, the other side with red & black squares)
Good alignment cards
Evil alignment cards
Twin Win
Rainbow cards
Xeno cards
Movement chart
Rules cards
White stones
Black stones
Green stones
Color markers (to indicate who's playing what color)
Letter markers (for names, etc)
Number markers (turn counters, etc)
Turn marker
ELBS squares
Stash pads

I feel that at this point it is important to say that copyright infringement is NOT intended, nor is it my intention for this gamebox to in any way take away from sales of Treehouse sets, Martian Coasters or any other Looney Labs product. The purpose of this gamebox is for Rabbits to play games with other Rabbits that they may only see once a year at Origins or GenCon, or for those of us who, for whatever reason, will not be able to attend these conventions and meet other rabbits. If approved by the Looneys, distribution of this gamebox will be completely under their control.

That said, the following scenarios have been built:

Treehouse (Rainbow and Xeno)
Martian Coasters (2, 3, 4, and 5-player)
MiniVolcano, 4x4
MiniVolcano, 5x5
Regular Volcano
Compass Volcano
Pride Volcano(*)
Martian Backgammon
Twin Win (Rainbow and Xeno)
Zamboni Wars
UberMartian Coasters
Martian Tic-Tac-Toe(*)
More to follow...

(*) indicates a new scenario

Unfortunately, due to the nature of Cyberboard, turnless games such as Icehouse and IceTowers cannot be played using Cyberboard. Also, Cyberboard currently has a limit of 8 players.

I haven't quite worked out how Zendo will be played when Master or Mondo is called. Perhaps a separate email to the Master with the guess would work. Any suggestions would be welcome.

If any Rabbit is interested in betatesting the gamebox and any (or all) of these scenarios, please email me at

Please note that at this time, there is no Mac version of Cyberboard, only a Windows version, nor do I know if there will be a Mac version. I certainly hope so as it's an awesome PBEM gaming system.