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FreeTrav is Jeff Zeitlin, author of the Icehouse game currently called Pentamid (and which will continue to be so called until he finds a name that he likes better) and also of Pach-Ice-i, Par-Trees-i and Martian Coaster Chaturanga. He is currently contemplating getting back "into" game creation with Looney Pyramids .

His Icebox is custom-built in clear plastic, with a clear-and-black gameboard. Properly-sized printed gameboards can be placed under the plastic gameboard, allowing the markings to show through, and customizing the gameboard for any particular game that uses an 8x8 or smaller playing area. Pictures can be seen in this LiveJournal entry.

All games that he has created that are on this wiki are released under the Creative Commons (3.0) attribution-sharealike licence, unless indicated otherwise.