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Dtyger777 is a fairly new user to the IceHouse Games community, having finally gathered a set of 6 Icehouse stashes on August 27, 2006. Intrigued by the Description of Classics such as Zendo, Homeworlds and Pikemen, as well as the novelty of controlling a piece based on position rather than color, as in games such as Martian Chess, he tracked down a local retailer (which was still more than 20 miles distant) in order to acquire the pieces.

Always finding joy in creating new things, Dtyger777 has long quested toward creating games of varying kinds, but mostly in the Video Game realm. Not long before finding out about IceHouse Pieces, Dtyger777 turned his inventive hand to card games and drew up plans for one that has thus far been deemed fun to play by all involved, but is still a work in progress lacking a name. Already, the IceHouse pieces have begun to inspire him to create games using them instead.

Also a fan of Wikis in general, Dtyger777 is interested in contributing what he can to the IceHouse Games Wiki. Finding games that do not seem to be present on the Wiki and adding them, as well as minor editting and improving on other articles is something of a pleasant past-time for him.

Other games from Looney Labs that Dtyger777 enjoys:

  • Fluxx