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An ECE major from California. I haven't visited this site in several YEARS (life happens don't you know). I even managed to miss an entire ICE competition with my game in it!

But I'm here now and welcome any questions or conversation you have, unlikely though those may be!

Games I've Created


Or as I refer to it, my "tray o' games", where I keep most of my gaming stuff (all the wizkids stuff takes up two drawers by itself after all...). I use the box from the Dominion base set. In progress, it contains:

Recommended Icehouse Games

While I can understand the problem with rating and referral systems, I still like reading why other people enjoy particular games. With that in mind, these are some of my favorite Icehouse games so far; if you haven't tried any of them, I highly recommend them.

  • Timelock- A wonderful multiplayer puzzle game, it also makes good use of treehouse dice and looks nice on the table.
  • World War 5- All the fun of Risk without the massive time investment.
  • Binary Homeworlds- A classic for a reason. Don't let the severe strategic depth turn you away.
  • Martian Chess- What would otherwise be a simple capture game is given interesting back and forth by the capture/territory mechanics.
  • Volcano- colorful and fun, exploding the volcanoes is a tactile experience, and it also has a bit of strategy involved in the piece collection.
  • Martian Coasters- Simple, but that's not a bad thing.
  • Drip- pretty brilliant

Recommended Sites

  • a catalogue of tropes that is very handy for writers, readers, and bored people.