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About Me

I've played a bunch of IceHouse games so far, my favorites being Martian Chess and Zendo. I haven't tried everything on the site yet, but I will once resources and opponents are available. ((Ever try to play Homeworlds by yourself? Not fun.)) My partner in game design is my little sister, Laura, who came up with the idea of adapting Martian Chess to Martian Coasters.

In case anyone's curious, I picked this username because it's the same as my Mad Rabbit ID. I picked that one because I was first introduced to (and became completely obsessed with) Looney Labs games at the 2007 Junior Classical League National Latin Convention on the campus of Tennesse University. The original Calliope is the muse of epic poetry.

When I'm not playing L.L. games or at Latin Conventions I read, write, program, draw and attend High Point University in North Carolina.


  • X Spectrum - Combine the abilities of different IceHouse pieces to conquer your opponent and win. Under Development.
  • Kumbha - The TreeHouse version of Aquarius. Under Development.
  • Coaster Chess - Martian Chess meets Martian Coasters. Co-Designed with Laura Gutenstein. Under Development.