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Placeholder - just stealing this template to help construct my own game idea. Will overwrite as time goes on. I take no credit for designing Apophis, clearly ^^

Designed by Curt Crane
A quick auction game for three players.
:Players Players: 3 - 3
:Time Length: Fast?
:Complexity Complexity: light
Trios per color: 3 Rainbow Stashes
Number of colors: 0
Pyramid trios:
Monochr. stashes: 0
Five-color sets: 3 Rainbow Stashes
- - - - - - Other equipment - - - - - -
a pair of dice from IceDice, counters of some sort (poker chips, nickels and pennies, etc.)
Setup time: 2 minutes
Playing time: 8 minutes
0.133 Hr
- 15 minutes
0.25 Hr
Strategy depth: medium
Random chance: light
Game mechanics: auction
Theme: sci-fi
BGG Link: 41740
Status: Hidden (v1.0), Year released: 2987


Derivatives. Derivatives on technology. Derivatives on housing. Derivatives on insurance. Derivatives on derivatives. You know, Martians certainly are good at a lot of things. They invented a variant of chess. They know how to make nice coasters. But finances? Yeah, Martians really suck at that. Turns out all of those uninsured derivatives just brought the Martian economy to its knees. It's truly a sad day to be a Martian.

Thankfully, it's a great day to be us! As the unscrupulous individuals who extended them credit, we now get to buy up all of their houses for cheap. So grab your wealth, and let the Great Martian Auction of 2074 begin!


Derivatives is an auction game played over five rounds. Each round has two separate phases. In Phase 1, players construct the three piles to be auctioned by taking turns rolling IceDice. In Phase 2, the players then bid against each other for these piles. The process repeats itself over five rounds. At the end of the game, whichever player has the most valuable collection of Martian housing (pyramids) is the winner.


Create three rows of Rainbow Stashes, stacked into trees. Align them so that each column is comprised of only one colour. See the picture below:

Divide the counters (poker chips, coins, etc.) up among the three players, so that each player has 15 points worth of counters.

Finally, clear a small area for three piles of pyramids to accumulate. (Martian Coasters make great pile markers!)

The player who has the most household debt goes first.

Game Rounds

Derivatives consists of five rounds. Each round is broken up into two separate phases.

Build the Auction

The start player begins by rolling the two IceDice together. The results of the roll will instruct the player which colour pyramid to choose, and which of the three piles to put it in.

The colour die tells you which colour pyramid to use. Always choose the top-most, front-most pyramid available. If there are no more pyramids of that colour remaining, then chose the colour of your choice.

The pyramid die tells you what pile to put the chosen pyramid in. Unlike in regular IceDice, where the pips on the die represent types of pyramids, the pips in this game represent WHICH PILE to place the pyramids in - nothing more!

A role of 1, 2, or 3 means to place the chosen pyramid in Pile 1, Pile 2, or Pile 3 respectively.

A role of 1/2, 1/3, or 2/3 means you have a choice of which pile to put it into; on a roll of 1/2-yellow, for example, you could choose to put a yellow pyramid into either pile 1 or pile 2.

Sample roles: (coming soon)

Once a player adds a pyramid to one of the three piles, they then pass the dice to the player on their left. This player rolls the dice and repeats the process.

This continues until each player has added three pyramids

The Bidding

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