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Tweaking the categories

I think a new category should be added for RX (R+X+) games; these are games that use more than the five colors in a set but less than full 6+ monochrome stashes.

Games like Flags, Color Wheel, and Autumn Ash fall into this category and are not necessarily listed correctly in this current listing. I see that you're using a template to generate the lists, but I'm not sure what template would cover these games. I do anticipate that we'll see more games that fit into this category because of the make up of the arcade. - (User:Nihilvor, 2017-Feb-8)

Excellent suggestions! I have been scheming a bit as to how we can best represent the pyramids required in an intuitive and future-proof way. I think splitting it into set of two fields, "Trios per color" and "Number of colors", may be the best way - especially now that more people have at least 3 Trios (or more) in 10 (or 11) colors. This will also address your stash suggestion below as well as neatly covering most new games people may design. The only difficulty will be games that require partial Trios (such as caps in Volcano), however this was not clean or easy in the old nomenclature either...
I will start laying down the foundations for such a change (we need to do something like it eventually) and post a query in the various online forums before putting it into action. Might want to try and standardize other terminology while we are at it. Thanks for providing more motivation for getting this finally done! Umjahwa (talk) 17:47, 9 February 2017 (PST)

Leaving behind the monochrome stash?

As the "stash" is sort of "old school" language (monochrome stashes haven't been sold in years), I'm wondering if we might be best served removing that type of category from here and on the "What Can I Play" section. I'm sure that I'm not the first to think this, but I'm also not sure if we'd create more problems by modernizing. - (User:Nihilvor, 2017-Feb-8)

List of all subpages

For the record, below is a list of all the pages currently found under this page

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