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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "RPG played on a playing card dungeon map". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Ice Boule  + (Play a game of Boule with your Icehouse pieces and using the Centrifice-mechanic.)
  • Martian 12s  + (Played in Casinos all over Mars)
  • Zendo  + (Players achieve satori when they discover the secret rule that explains which koans have the elusive Buddha-nature)
  • Ikkozendo  + (Players achieve satori when they discover the secret rule that explains which koans have the elusive Buddha-nature)
  • Branches & Twigs & Thorns  + (Players build branching tree structures from a root, trying to always branch from their own pieces, not their opponent's.)
  • Martian Treasure Hunt  + (Players compete to have the most valuable pile of treasure at the end of the game.)
  • Pointsettia  + (Players compete to place their pieces.)
  • IceFrogs  + (Players jump their pyramids across the board in an attempt to get a piece into their opponent's start space.)
  • Juxtapose  + (Players play a 'tic-tac-toe'-like game using a 4x4 board and a single stash of pieces from a common pool.)
  • Pyramaze  + (Players race to reach their goals in this game that includes a randomly created board and the players' ability to swap the rules of movement throughout the game.)
  • Pharaoh  + (Players roll dice to claim the title of the King of The Pyramids)
  • IceDice  + (Players roll dice to select pieces, but roll the same color twice and lose everything you gained this turn!)
  • Martian Flood  + (Players score points by building ships & towers that survive the floods)
  • Invaders of Mars  + (Players take turns fleeing from a powerful alien menace bent on using them as fodder for breeding until only one player is left standing.)
  • How Pretty Is That?  + (Players take turns making trees and placing them on a mega-volcano board)
  • Terrafex  + (Players use icehouse pieces to grow forests, build mountains, start fires and melt glaciers.)
  • EOF  + (Players use icehouse pieces to make patterns in a data stream.)
  • Traction  + (Players walk their pyramids in a race to the finish line, and stop their opponents from getting there first!)
  • Plutonian Poker  + (Poker (sort-of) but with more stacking and pyramids. Played with 2 or more people.)
  • Tugga War  + (Pull twelve pips into your goal)
  • Ice Soccer  + (Pyramid Soccer that works like Subbuteo)
  • Ice-Turn  + (Pyramid version of Q-Turn.)
  • Freeze Tag  + (Pyramids race to the other side, trying not to get frozen along the way.)
  • Turning Points  + (Pyramids spin like interconnected gears as each new piece is added)
  • IceDungeons  + (Quest through the world with your guide, and lots of paper)