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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Gra strategiczna, gracze zapełniają plansze swoimi piramidami.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Candy Capture  + (Earn the most points once all candy pieces are captured)
  • Edges  + (Edges is an abstract strategy game of placement for two, played on the 31 edges (not squares or points) of a three by four rectangular grid representing the canal network.)
  • Homeworlds (German)  + (Ein Strategiespiel um epische Weltraumschlachten)
  • Houses of Thoth  + (Erecting Pyramids on Tarot cards, and vice versa)
  • Sphinx's Paw  + (Escape from monsters beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza)
  • Epicycle  + (Exchange your pieces for those in a circle. Avoid getting 3 pieces of the same size.)
  • IceToids  + (Explore a board made of print-and-play cards.)
  • Barsoomian Jetan  + (Fantasy chess on Barsoom (Mars))
  • Gorean Kaissa  + (Fantasy chess on the planet Gor)
  • Chain Reaction  + (Fire 'particles' at 'atoms' and direct the chain reaction to let you capture pieces)
  • Martian 8-Ball  + (Five-handed Martian Coasters for two!)
  • Pentachrome  + (Form chains by color or size to earn points)
  • Igloo  + (Four colors, but only one will be worth points by the end.)
  • Quintazone-Chaser  + (Further play to follow on a game of Quintazone)
  • Par-Trees-i  + (Get all your pieces to the center goal)
  • Pach-Ice-i  + (Get all your pieces to your opponent's start)
  • Pentamid  + (Get five pieces in a row)
  • Pentamid Twist  + (Get five pieces in a row)
  • Evacuate  + (Get your Stacktor clans out of burning nightclubs before your rival/s manage/s to do the same.)
  • Gnostica  + (Gnostica, an updated version of Zarcana, involves capturing territory on an evolving board made up of Tarot cards.)
  • Treehouse (Polish)  + (Gra oparta na kostce Treehouse)
  • Martian Coasters (Polish)  + (Gra rozgrywająca się na podkładkach Martian Coasters)
  • Stack Control (Polish)  + (Gra strategiczna, gracze budują wieże z unikalnych elementów.)
  • Gygès (Polish)  + (Gra strategiczna, gracze przemieszczają piramidy na szachownicy.)
  • Zark City (Polish)  + (Gra strategiczna, gracze zajmują terytorium zbudowane z kart.)
  • Quicksand (Polish)  + (Gra strategiczna, w której plansza nieustannie się zmienia, a celem jest zdobywanie piramidek przeciwnika.)
  • CrackeD ICE (Polish)  + (Gra zręcznościowa, stąpając po lodzie należy uważać, by się nie załamał.)
  • RAMbots (Polish)  + (Gracze potajemnie programują ruchy swoich robotów.)
  • Aeb  + (Grow your forces and destroy the enemy.)
  • Thin Ice  + (Grow your fragile ice crystal until it shatters)
  • Icehouse Plant Game  + (Grow your pieces toward the sun)
  • Iceberg  + (Guess correctly and be rewarded)
  • Pumpkin  + (Halloween Game)
  • Infobox  + (Help out the wiki by adding infoboxes)
  • Turtler  + (Help your turtle navigate a busy 6-lane freeway)
  • High Ground  + (High Ground is a game of Strategy and luck that uses playing cards as the board (gnostica fans unite!), and Icehouse pyramids as the player's pieces.)
  • Gnaqush  + (Hop to the other end of the board and promote your pieces)
  • Snowblind  + (How do you win a game if you have more control over your opponents’ pieces than your own?)
  • Mind Control  + (I)
  • Ice Arena  + (Ice Arena is a tactical arena combat game.)
  • Ice Dao  + (Ice Dao is a quick little abstract strategy game for two players.)
  • Ice Derby  + (Ice Derby is a tactical Destruction derby game.)
  • IceSickle  + (IceSickle is a bit similar to checkers, but was originally inspired by solitaire peg jumping games)
  • IceGolf  + (Icehouse Golf, using a stash tube as Club)
  • Icehouse  + (Icehouse is a real time game with a freeform board, with players placing attacking and defending pieces as rapidly or as cautiously as they want. But don't go into meltdown!)
  • Alien City (German)  + (Icehouse/Piecepack Hybrid. Städtebau auf einem weit entfernten Planeten für zwei Spieler)
  • Alien City  + (Icehouse/piecepack hybrid game of city building)
  • Scavenge  + (Icehouse/piecepack hybrid game of hoarding the "good stuff" at a junkyard.)
  • Snowman Meltdown  + (Icehouse/piecepack hybrid snowman fight held on a comet.)
  • Super Death Ray  + (Image coming soon...)