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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "A strategic game of color change.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Ice Market  + (A real-time trading game)
  • Martian Colonists  + (A resource gathering race, vaguely inspired by Settlers of Catan and a set of dice that match the colours of Icehouse pyramids)
  • Stacktors!  + (A role-playing game system using pyramids.)
  • Martian Mah Jongg  + (A rummy game in the style of Chinese Mah Jongg)
  • Amoeba  + (A science themed game with an ever-increasing board size.)
  • Take That!  + (A short three in a row game where your opponent chooses the piece you have to play)
  • Twin Win  + (A simple and quick single Treehouse set game with changing goals)
  • Nothing Beats a Large  + (A simple and quick single Treehouse set game with goals)
  • Martian Mud Wrestling  + (A simple game of sinking in the mud)
  • The Closest Ghost  + (A simple game played with pieces of candy)
  • Gridiron  + (A simple little photo safari game.)
  • The Wilds of Mars  + (A simple little photo safari game.)
  • Bag of Ice  + (A simple push-your-luck game for many different player counts)
  • World War 5  + (A simplified Risk-like game of global conquest)
  • Push-Pull  + (A single-stash game for 2 or 4 designed for play with a Treehouse set. It is similar in some ways to Rock-Paper-Scissors and the Prisoner's Dilemma.)
  • Lonely Ice  + (A solitaire game of attack.)
  • Elemental Towers  + (A solitaire game played with an Aquarius deck)
  • Ice Solo  + (A solitaire game.)
  • Lockpick  + (A solitaire lock-picking challenge)
  • Vertigo  + (A solitaire version of Volcano or Mega-Volcano where the goal is to build single color towers)
  • Solomids  + (A solo game of stacking, sliding, and swapping)
  • IceHanoi  + (A solo game of trying to turn nests into trees)
  • Oshugo  + (A somewhat quick penny-flipping game)
  • Fleet  + (A space fleet game)
  • Drip  + (A stacking game using Icehouse pieces)
  • Quinto  + (A strategy game based on Quarto)
  • Spike  + (A strategy game of moves and counter-moves with maze-like aspects)
  • Homeworlds  + (A strategy game of starships, transformation, and negotiation)
  • King o' the Castle  + (A strategy game where players try to invade one another's castles)
  • Quicksand  + (A strategy game where you try to capture your opponent's pieces on a board that is in constant flux.)
  • Bridge  + (A strategy game where you try to connect opposing edges of an 8x8 board.)
  • Oi! That's My Phish!  + (A tile collection game inspired by Hey! That's My Fish.)
  • Pink Hijinks  + (A tiny game of Pyramids)
  • Martian Trickery  + (A trick-taking game where you earn pyramids by winning tricks)
  • Ascendancy  + (A turn-based game of tower building.)
  • Chaos Checkers  + (A twist on checkers where the pieces constantly gain new abilities)
  • IceCream  + (A two player game that requires no playing surface.)
  • Icecaster  + (A two-fisted spell-casting battle for 2 or more players.)
  • Override  + (A two-player game where pieces are individually owned but mutually controlled)
  • RAMbots Factory  + (A variant of RAMbots where the factory floor moves and changes orientation and adds various board elements to interact with.)
  • Ice Lady  + (A variant of Turkish checkers, aka Dama, using Icehouse pieces.)
  • Hexano  + (A variant of Volcano played on a hexagonal board instead of a square 5x5 one)
  • Mega Hexano  + (A variant of Volcano played with 9 stashes on a hexagonal board)
  • Pyramids in my pocket  + (A variation on Drip, in which a player tries to guess which pyramids the other has hidden in his pocket.)
  • European War  + (A variation on World War 5, created by Andy Looney.)
  • Fire-Ice-Slime  + (A very fast and simple, 2-player, 1 Treehouse game, similar to Rock-Scissors-Paper.)
  • Snowball Fight!  + (A war game where you try to capture all the pieces.)
  • CoverFire  + (A war-game with programmed movement)
  • TubeTanks  + (A war-game with programmed movement)
  • DogFight  + (A war-game with programmed movement)