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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "A game of strategy involving theft and two players". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Squares of Detonation  + (A game of Civil Engineering. And Dynamite.)
  • Logistics  + (A game of Logistics in progress)
  • Pungo  + (A game of Pungo setup and ready to play)
  • Ziggurat Demolition Throwdown  + (A game of angry magic for pyramids and the Decktet)
  • Forts  + (A game of building and tearing down.)
  • Zoink!  + (A game of chance by stealing and regaining pieces.)
  • Icehouse Baseball  + (A game of chance.)
  • Spectra  + (A game of color theory)
  • Virus Fight  + (A game of combat between two ever changing computer programs)
  • Atom Smasher  + (A game of dexterity inspired by billiards, carrom, and marbles)
  • Martian Shuffleboard  + (A game of dexterous strategy for 2 to 10 players.)
  • Moon Shot  + (A game of dexterous strategy for any number of players.)
  • Sky Rise  + (A game of hidden agendas and tower construction)
  • Crystal Habit  + (A game of mineralogy. Create crystal composites of different sizes and composition.)
  • What Blind Ninjas?  + (A game of moving silently and striking carefully)
  • Crossroads  + (A game of placing pyramids and tracing paths)
  • Influence  + (A game of push and pull in which players play their pyramids onto a hex grid to exert influence on stones of three different colors.)
  • Vankor Wars  + (A game of revolution and city takeover)
  • Vankor Gang Wars  + (A game of revolution and city takeover, for many players)
  • Spicklehead  + (A game of self-inflicted bodily harm...with Icehouse pieces)
  • Share and Share Alike  + (A game of shifting loyalties)
  • Ice Palace  + (A game of simple mechanics but complex interactions where players compete to win “hands” and ultimately control the construction of the Ice Palace.)
  • Advanced Colonization  + (A game of space combat and expansion.)
  • Colonization  + (A game of space conquest mixing light strategy and luck.)
  • Switch House!  + (A game of stealing and chance.)
 (A game of strategy involving theft and two players)
  • Horde Runners  + (A game of strategy involving theft and two players.)
  • High Rise  + (A game of trying to build the biggest towers in order to control the most valuable properties on a Martian Coasters square)
  • Ice Colony  + (A game of trying to build up your colony and take control of a variety of terrain and eliminate your opponent.)
  • Ice House Bowling  + (A game using IceHouse pieces for bowling.)
  • IceCubed  + (A game utilizing IceDice components and a Mega-Volcano board: Players are randomly given opportunities for movement, attack, and supply to the board while also presented the opportunity to seek revenge and wreak havoc on their opponents.)
  • Epicycle  + (A game where you exchanges pieces with those in a circle and try not to get stuck with pieces of the same size)
  • Tactonix  + (A geological Combination Game)
  • The IceStar  + (A geometrical puzzle game.)
  • Hunt  + (A hunt in a deadly maze)
  • Logger  + (A lumberjack-themed game for 2-4 players)
  • Wormholes  + (A mind-warping space battle for 2 or more players.)
  • IceDuel  + (A miniatures-oriented, arena duel game with an unusual character creation format.)
  • Hexano-Duel  + (A more strategic variant of Volcano played with 9 stashes on a hexagonal board)
  • Cascades  + (A mountaineering two-players race.)
  • Nimitz  + (A multiplayer combinatorial game with a very loose association to the game ''Nim''.)
  • Nimbus  + (A multiplayer combinatorial game with an icy association to the game ''Nim''.)
  • Martian Canals  + (A placement and capture game of Martian stone circles and pyramids.)
  • PewPewDie  + (A player wields a juggernaut!)
  • Der Marsigelwettkampf  + (A prickly pyramid game)
  • Ziggurat  + (A push-and-shove race around and up the sides of a pyramid.)
  • Traffic Tyrants  + (A pyramid game inspired by a children's game of traffic lights)
  • User:Bluetorch  + (A quick auction game for three players.)
  • Pyramid Punch  + (A quick game of pyramid combat.)
  • Martian Frisby  + (A race game on a narrow board where players try to block each other and get the roll that will propel their pieces into the required nested configuration.)
  • Martian Senet  + (A race through the Martian underworld)