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Games Played
17. [[Logger]] 3.6<br>
18. [[IceTowers]] 3.5<br>
19. [[SprawlTower War]] 3.5<br>20. [[Tower WarSkurðir]] 3.5<br>21. [[SkurðirSprawl]] 3.5<br>
22. [[Petal Battle]] 3.5 <br>
23. [[Nile]] 3.5<br>
24. [[Stack Control]] 3.5<br>
25. [[Powerhouse]] 3.6 <br>
26. [[Munch]] 3.6 <br>27. [[Apophis]] 3.6<br>
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2728. [[Chivalry]] 3.5<br>2829. [[Folio]] 3.5<br>2930. [[Paint the Line]] 3.5<br>3031. [[Ziggurat Demolition Throwdown]] 3.5<br>3132. [[IceSickle]] 3.4<br>3233. [[Pyrinoes]] 3.4<br>3334. [[Twin Win]] 3.4<br>3435. [[Infiltrate]] 3.2<br>3536. [[KotraInvaders of Mars]] 3.3<br>3637. [[Invaders of MarsKotra]] 3.2<br>3738. [[Quintazone]] 3.2<br>3839. [[Gleebs and Grues]] 3.2<br>3940. [[Color Wheel]] 3.2 <br>4041. [[Plutonian Poker]] 3.1<br>4142. [[Give or Take]] 3.1 <br>42. [[Martian Chess]] 3.1<br>
43. [[Hextris]] 3.1<br>
44. [[Battle_of_the_Body_SnatchersMartian Chess]]3.1<br>45. [[MartianopolyBattle_of_the_Body_Snatchers]] 3.1<br>46. [[IceDamMartianopoly]] 3.1<br>47. [[Landing ZoneIceDam]] 3.01<br>48. [[ExtinctionLanding Zone]] 3.0<br>49. [[StawvsExtinction]] 3.0 <br>
50. [[Martian Coasters]] 3.0<br>
51. [[Stawvs]] 3.0 <br>52. [[Synapse-Ice]] 3.0<br>
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5253. [[Martian Canals]] 3.0 <br>5354. [[Subdivision]] 3.0 <br>5455. [[Verticality]] 2.9 <br>55. [[Mandala]] 2.9<br>
56. [[Egyptian Solitaire]] 2.9 <br>
57. [[Lunar Invaders]] 2.9<br>
58. [[Mandala]] 2.9<br>59. [[3-High]] 2.9<br>5960. [[Blockade]] 2.8<br>6061. [[IceDice]] 2.8 <br>6162. [[Black Ice]] 2.8<br>6263. [[Turning Points]] 2.8<br>6364. [[Magma]] 2.8<br>6465. [[The Wilds of Mars]] 2.7<br>6566. [[Blam!]] 2.5<br>6667. [[Freeze Tag]]<br> 6768. [[Torpedo]] 2.7<br>6869. [[Quintazone-Chaser]] 2.7 <br>69. [[Cold Spell]] 2.7<br>
70. [[Pink Hijinks]] 2.7 <br>
71. [[CrackeD Ice]] 2.7<br>
72. [[MiddlemanCold Spell]] 2.7<br>73. [[EdgesMiddleman]] 2.7<br>74. [[Pyramids_in_my_pocketEdges]] 2.7<br>75. [[Pyramids_in_my_pocket]] 2.7<br>76. [[Tic Tac Doh!]] 2.7<br>7677. [[Branches & Twigs & Thorns]] 2.6<br>7778. [[IceFrogs]] 2.6<br>
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7879. [[Ikkozendo]] 2.6<br>7980. [[Tic_Tac_Loop]] 2.6<br>8081. [[IceCubed]] $<br>8182. [[Pentamid Twist]]<br>8283. [[Ice Dao]] 2.5<br>8384. [[Treehouse]] 2.5<br>8485. [[Lonely Ice]]2.5 <br>8586. [[Solace]] 2.5<br>8687. [[The IceStar]] 2.4<br>8788. [[Drip]] 2.4<br>8889. [[Pushing Race]] 2.43<br>8990. [[IceCream]] 2.3<br>9091. [[Vertigo]] 2.32<br>9192. [[Penguin SoccerPharaoh]] 2.21<br>9293. [[PharaohPenguin Soccer]] 2.20<br>9394. [[Ice Palace]] $<br>9495. [[Ice3]] 2.10<br>9596. [[Crosswalk]] 2.10<br>9697. [[Rotationary]] 21.9<br>9798. [[Cryosquare]] 1.9 8 <br><br>
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