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A. ''Autumn Ash'':
This has overtaken Evacuate as my favorite. It's actually more complex than Evacuate, as for as the depth of strategy and the decisions one has to consider. There may be a lot of options for players, but the rules don't seem overly complex.
B. ''Buyer's Market'':  This is a fun game for a small group of players--best with three or four, though I feel that it could scale up to five without any issues. C. ''Evacuate'':
This is one of my favorites. The mechanics seem unique and fun, and the theme, while absurd, fits well enough with the game play. There are a lot of details in the rules, but that's mostly because I took care in explaining it. Once learned, it's not a game that requires constant reference. (This game is complete and in a final state for two to three players. I haven't play tested a four-player game yet. Thus, the only thing to do is to decide if minor tweaking is necessary for those games.)
CD. ''Latent Binaries'':
With a little tweaking and a few rule changes this game has come together quickly. Overall, the game was more fun than I expected--a good combination of luck, strategy, and deduction. I'm looking forward to playing again soon. It will remind some of BlackIce, but it is a strategy abstract too.
DE. ''Fuji-san'':
This one is really easy to pick upand makes for a really quick game that doesn't rely on any luck.
EF. ''Traffic Tyrants'':
Here I use a mechanic influenced by a "Green Light"/"Red Light" children often play. The narrow board and limited movement stash size hopefully make it interesting. I am still trying to find the optimal starting position (as it makes a difference in how the game plays out). I like the mechanic, but I haven't decided whether this game is saveable.
FG. ''Stacktrices'':
I like this game; I just haven't played it much of late. It makes for an aggressive chess-like game and yet there's enough going on that there's room for a lot of strategy and misdirection. (The game is in a near final state. I doubt that there be any significant tweaks, but I reserve the right to make them.)

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