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This is a list of things that need to be done, with the most pressing needs at the top. Feel free to reorganize it as you see fit. * Edit the [[Community Portal]] to be a friendlier introduction to contributing to the wiki instead of just a redirect to this to-do list.* Work on the [[Template:Infobox Game]] and [ Semantic MediaWiki] setup** <s> Designer property should probably turn into multiple individual designers; not sure how to do that in the infobox </s>** <s> Description currently has wikitext on many pages, but that doesn't seem to be supported by the current version of Semantic MediaWiki. We need to either find a way to make a property that contains a plain-text description that goes along with the wikitext description, figure out how to enable wikitext in a property, or make it not be a semantic property. </s>** Add a search page that allows searching or browsing games by property** <s> There is a work in progress of a new infobox at [[Template:Infobox Game Fancy]] </s> New inbox box is all loaded in and appears to be working! Please report any issue you encounter on the [[Template_talk:Infobox Game|Infobox talk page]]* Update the wiki for [[Pyramid Arcade]]** <s>Write the page</s> Thanks [[User:Umjahwa|Umjahwa]]!** <s>Add the games</s>** <s>Create a listbox</s>** Fill in more details on the games*** [[Color Wheel]]*** [[Give or Take]]*** [[Looney Ludo]]*** [[Lunar Invaders]]*** [[Petal Battle]]*** [[Petri Dish]]*** [[Powerhouse]]*** [[Pyramid Shambo]]*** [[Verticality]]** Add the components** Update the various infoboxes/templates to include Pyramid Arcade info** Update [[What Can I Play?]] for Pyramid Arcade** Upload photos of Pyramid Arcade, add to the main page rotation* <s>Add the Pyramid Love font or SVGs to the wiki, with templates for conveniently accessing them</s>** Done, see [[Template:PL]] for details.* Upload [[Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:Reqimage|requested]] images, especially for the [[Talk:Main Page#Need photos|Main Page]]* Add the [[Infobox]] to the [[Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:Reqinfobox|rest of the games]]* Add brief descriptions to all of the games, and add links to their rules, especially the ones that were in the [[Ice Game Design Competition]]* Help new players [[What Can I Play?|choose games]] to play, by filling in some more games and adding more categories and criteria by which to choose games.* Help write [[strategy]] articles for the games you know how to play** Some good candidates would be [[Pikemen strategy]], [[Martian Chess strategy]], [[Branches & Twigs & Thorns strategy]], and any game that you think you could write a good strategy article on** [[Homeworlds strategy]] is a work in progress, and could use lots of improvement. Feel free to do copyediting, add advice, reorganize it to a better structure, or whatever you feel would make it better (although deleting the entire thing might be a little extreme)** Also flesh out the generic [[strategy]] advice, perhaps explaining concepts like expected value, sente (Go term), pinning, playing where your opponent wants to play, putting yourself in a situation where you have two good moves and the opponent can only block one, and so on. * Add the rules for games that you created or have permission to copy the rules of. Even if the rules are available elsewhere online, it's nice to have a lot of them in a consistent format, its good for instant gratification when people are looking for games here, and it can provide a backup in case the original rules go down. * Do work on the [[Icehouse in general]] section. ** Organize the table of contents better, and include more culture articles, stuff like [[generic gaming kit]]/[[icebox]], and so on. ** Write a [[history of Icehouse]] (or maybe [[history of Looney Pyramids]]). We already have a [[history timeline]], but it's incomplete (doesn't list when the first other game to be played when Icehouse pieces (Zarcana?) was invented, doesn't discuss pieceniking, etc), and a prose history would just be nice. * Fill in some of the [[Special:Wantedpages|wanted pages]]* Flesh out some of the [[Special:Shortpages|short pages]]* Improve some of the [[:Category:pages needing improvement|pages needing improvement]]* <s>Figure out how to make infobox items (mechanics?) optional</s> It looks as if this isn't possible in the way we would like. But we can...** Make an all-new infobox. Anybody have a good design?* Make the [[Main Page]] look nicer on mobile** We now have the [[mw:Extension:MobileFrontend|mobile extension]] installed. For the most part, this allows things to look good on mobile devices; but the image on the main page doesn't scale properly. We probably want to figure out a way to make it fit into the mobile layout better. There are some [[mw:Mobile Gateway/Mobile homepage formatting|notes on how to do this in the MediaWiki docs]]** It looks like the main issue is getting the front-page images scaled properly. A first step to that would be to replace all of the custom pages for each of the main page images, with one that uses [[Template:Weekly image]], so we can set parameters on these images globally rather than having to go through each one. I've done do on the first few already (for example [[Main_Page/Picture_for_week_1]]), just need to go through each of the later images ([[Main Page/Weekly images]]) and use the template.** Design favicon and mobile icons for the site** Remove [[Special:UnusedFiles|unused files]], especially images that look like they were uploaded by wiki spammers == Import Permissions == The most useful information from the pages mentioned below should be brought over here and wikified.  === Looney Labs === Facebook Messenger, 7 December 2016 Brett Taylor: Hi Kristin, does the IcehouseWiki project have Looney Labs permission to replicate content (such as text and images) from the LL site or the Arcade instruction manual? For text In excerpt form, of course, not whole pages or chapters. Kristin Looney: Absolutely! === John Cooper === Message-Id: <> From: John Cooper <> Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 10:24:12 -0400 To: Subject: Re: ICE: Hypothermia Please feel free to include in the wiki anything I wrote or designed (if I did) from any Hypothermia. As far as I'm concerned you can grab any text from my web pages related to icehouse games too, and add them to the wiki. There's an old index page with bad links here: <> Thanks, everybody (and Mike!) for making the ice-wiki. Good stuff! :-j{{delete}}

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