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Icebomb Arena

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Designation: Initial design
{{reqinfoboxInfobox_Game| subject_name=Icebomb Arena| designer=Designed by Christopher Hickman| image_link=| description=| min_players=4| max_players=5| game_length=| complexity=| trios_per_color=5| number_of_colors=4| sets=4 monochrome stashes| other_equip=Chessboard| setup_time=5 min| min_playing_time=| max_playing_time=| strategy=| random_chance=None| game_mechanics=| theme=| BGG_Link=| game_status=Initial design| version_num=| release_year=2004| language=English| footnotes=}}
'''Icebomb Arena''' was designed by Christopher Hickman in 2004, inspired by elements of ''Bomberman'', ''RoboRally'', ''Jyhad'', and ''Wiz-War''. It requires one stash per player, a chessboard, and some bookkeeping objects.

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