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IcehouseOrg:To-do list

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Mention that first few weekly images are migrated to template
* Make the [[Main Page]] look nicer on mobile
** We now have the [[mw:Extension:MobileFrontend|mobile extension]] installed. For the most part, this allows things to look good on mobile devices; but the image on the main page doesn't scale properly. We probably want to figure out a way to make it fit into the mobile layout better. There are some [[mw:Mobile Gateway/Mobile homepage formatting|notes on how to do this in the MediaWiki docs]]
** It looks like the main issue is getting the front-page images scaled properly. A first step to that would be to replace all of the custom pages for each of the main page images, with one that uses [[Template:Weekly image]], so we can set parameters on these images globally rather than having to go through each one. I've done do on the first few already (for example [[Main_Page/Picture_for_week_1]] already), just need to go through each of the later images ([[Main Page/Weekly images]]) and use the template.
* Work on the [[Template:Infobox Game]] and [ Semantic MediaWiki] setup
** Designer property should probably turn into multiple individual designers; not sure how to do that in the infobox

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