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I'm surprised that so many games never got transferred over from a main depository, on the main ice house site. Granted, the original link is dead, but these are all waiting to be entered here. Tip: If you reach a dead link, go to, and enter the address to the game you are looking for into the "way back machine". Then, go through the links and copy the rules (or link, as I did to that elaborate Aquarius/Ice House game) from the latest link that isn't dead. The first year or two of links at are usually dead ones. Note: It may make more sense to only bring games over that are listed in "completed" form. Thus Alheimur is complete (according to the link) but Aeb isn't. The rules for Aeb are, however, very detailed. Perhaps one of us could play the game out Welcome to see if it works. There are thus a handful of games at the site that are probably too broken to bring over here. 3/1/11: Skipped a few games ahead on the list to enter Chivalry into the wiki, which I enjoyed playing. I'm interested in what others think of it. 3/5/11: That's it for a while from me. There are still some interesting games there (including a game that uses a Fluxx deck). If you want to help us out with putting these online, note that just updated their site. The new beta search for the Way Back Machine often links these games to a dead page. DonIcehouseOrg't use it. It's a new feature that they just added, and it has way too many bugs. Instead, go into the classic search and click on the most recent link, working your way back until you find a version of the link that links to a successful archive of a give game. They!'re all on there, it just takes a few extra clicks to get them. I made pages for most of the ones I've included, but, where the pages are long 'We hope you will contribute much and complicated, I included the link for our pageswell3/13/11: The following games appear You will probably want to be unrecoverable, by read the way back machine or other means[https: Chebber and Breakthrough (this game tied for 5th place in a Icehouse Game Design Competition in 2004, so someone probably has the rules for it)// Update on brokenMyLanguage/lost gamesHelp:Contents help pages]. I'm looking for a version of Pyramid Scheme. It looks like a really fun ideaAgain, but the game relies on a picture to show the setup. Unfortunately, the pictures are currently broken at welcome and the Geocities archive torrent does not have this page archived (I actually downloaded the index in the hopes of finding it)fun! [[User:Dr. Similarly, Pythagoras is dead, but that might still be playableLeila|Dr. Please let me know if you have information on these games that might help bring them to our wiki. As a positive, Breakthrough was found and updated last month. Please see the response on my Talk page to your questions about handling [[Existing GamesLeila]]. - ([[Usertalk:CeruleanDr.Leila|Ceruleantalk]] 13) 23:4905, 24 March 2011 7 November 2016 (UTCPST)

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