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World War 5

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'''World War 5''' is an Icehouse game for 2 to 4 players designed by [[Andy Looney]]. It is designed to be a game similar to the classic game RISK, but with much simpler rules, evenly distributed resources, and a shorter play time. Each player seeks to conquer an entire opposing continent without losing all their home territories.
The game was first published by Looney Labs in 2008, with as a paper map and [ rules] mailed out to everyone on their mailing list as their annual Gift For Their Fans. A deluxe board folding cardboard map is available in the LL webstore included with [ here[Pyramid Arcade]]. There are also several fan-made printable boards that add with labels, alter the altered colors, or other minor adjustments.
==Board Differences in Pyramid Arcade==
==External Links==
* [ Official website ]* [ website]* [ Sample game on YouTube ]
* World War 5 is [ listed on BoardGameGeek].

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