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I got started with pyramids in the [[Icehouse: The Martian Chess Set |Martian Chess Set]] era (1999). [[Zendo]] and [[Pikemen was ]] were my favorite pyramid game until I got into [[Binary Homeworlds |Homeworlds]] in 2016. I've been running [ online Homeworlds tournaments] as often as I can since 2017. I received [[Andrew Looney|Andy]]'s medal #20 in Summer 2020. My current top 10 list of pyramid games# [[Binary Homeworlds|Homeworlds]]# [[Zendo]]# [[Pikemen]]# [[RAMbots]]# [[Volcano]] (and variants)# [[Ice Dice]]# [[Igloo]]# [[Martian Chess]]# [[Extinction]]# [[Color Wheel]] ==External Links==* [ My site about Homeworlds]* [ My Homeworlds Discord server]

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