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Rock, Paper, Pyramid! is a 3 person challenge game that uses 3 colors x 3 stacks (total of 9 stacks). Designed by B00jum

Its sort of a multi-dimensional rock-paper-scissors.

Each person gets a single stack of each color and puts it into a hidden pool.

Our example will use Black, White and Crystal or (B)(W)(C).

Version 1 (Classic) lasts 9 rounds.

Each round a player takes one piece from their pool and hides it in their hand.

The player then puts their hand/fist out towards the other two players.

When all players have their hands out, everyone reveals simultaneously.

Black captures White. White captures Crystal. Crystal captures Black.

Large(3pt) captures Medium(2pt) Medium(2pt) captures Small(1pt) Small(1pt) capture Large(3pt)

When there is a conflict (Large Black vs. Small White), then the result is Null or Neutral.

The simplified table of results is as follows.

Where color X would capture color Y

	X3	X2	X1	Y3	Y2	Y1
	===	===	==	==	==	==
X3	N	>	<	>	>	N
X2	<	N	>	N	>	>
X1	>	<	N	>	N	>

When comparing all three, this gives five or six possible results depending on how you look at it.

In this chart, A is relative. The easy way to calculate the winner is to find one piece that is not captured. If all pieces are captured (Standoff), the then no one wins. From the piece that is not captured, figure out the order of capture.

Full Sweep	A>B,C		A gets B&C
A captures both B and C

Line Sweep	A>B, B>C	A gets B&C
A captures B, B captures C

Standoff	A>B>C>A		Null
A captures B who captures C who captures A

Wishbone	A>B,C>B, A~C	Null
Both A&C capture B, but A to C is Null

Solo, Single	A>B,C>0		A gets B
A captuers B, but C captures nothing

Washout		A>0,B>0,C>0	Null
No one captures

During the round, compare results.

Variable rule (working on):

Either the winner takes only the captured pieces, putting thier own piece in the discard (as above)

or Winner keeps all pieces (A could get both A,B and C)

Alternate Version:

Add 1 red stack (Large, Medium, Small), give one to each player. The red piece trumps all other colors, but not size.