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Under development

This game is currently under development, in the Initial Design stage. Feedback is strongly encouraged! Feel free to give comments on game design or structure on the talk page.

Race to the Top
A combo game.
:Players Players: 3 - 10
:Time Length: Long?
:Complexity Complexity: Simple
Trios per color: 5
Number of colors: 5
Pyramid trios:
Monochr. stashes:
Five-color sets:
- - - - - - Other equipment - - - - - -
Game board, traditional deck of cards, Would You Rather cards, 1 small icehouse piece.
Setup time: 1 minute
Playing time: 15 min
0.25 Hr
- 60
60 Min
1 Hr
Strategy depth: Medium
Random chance: medium
Game mechanics:
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Status: complete? (v1.0), Year released: 2987
Created in December, 2009

Race to the Top 3-? Players


Match the Would You rather card to the primary person based on what you think they would choose, and then complete the Race to the Top!


Traditional deck of cards

Would You Rather cards


Race to the Top board game


Score card


1 small icehouse piece

Set up

1. Place the Race to the Top board game in the center of the table

2. Place a stack of Would You Rather cards on one side of the board game

3. Place a traditional deck of cards next to the board game and on the opposite side of the Would You Rather cards

4. Obtain a pen to write on the score card (1 per person)

5. Find a small icehouse piece to use as the game piece for the board game


1. Decide who will go first by drawing a card from the traditional deck of cards

  1. a. Whoever has the lowest card begins the game [jack, king, queen = 10, ace = 1]
  1. b. If there is a tie, keep drawing until one person has the lowest card
  1. c. When a person has been chosen, reshuffle the drawn cards back into the deck so all cards will be present for the game

2. The person who begins the game should draw a card from the Would You Rather deck

3. Flip the card so that everyone can see the scenario, and read the scenario out loud as well so that others can hear the scenario

4. Each person must choose one of the two scenarios provided, based on what the person who flipped the card would think, and write it in the space on their score card. For example, if given the card: Would you rather… chase a bus for 20 miles or be hit by a bus that breaks your arm?, you would choose the scenario that you think the person who flipped the card would choose to write on your score card.

  1. a. Each new scenario corresponds to the number on the paper
  1. b. You must write your scenario down simply to show proof of your choice

5. The person who picked the Would You Rather card out of the pile is considered to be the primary person

6. All other people who wrote their response down are considered to be the secondary persons

7. Compare the scenario chosen: look to see which of the secondary persons picked the same scenario as the primary person. The primary person should read their selection aloud to the group.

8. All secondary persons who chose the same scenario are allowed to pick a card out of the traditional deck of cards. For example, if the primary person chose: be hit by a bus that breaks your arm, and three out of four secondary persons chose that same response as well, those three primary persons are allowed to pick up a card from the traditional deck of cards.

9. If you did not pick the same scenario, you must wait until the next card is flipped in order to have another chance at picking a card from the traditional deck of cards

10. If you are the primary person, you must also wait to pick from this pile. Only the matched secondary persons can pick from the traditional deck of cards.

11. If you were a secondary person who chose the same scenario, you must:

  1. a. Pick a card from the traditional deck of cards
  1. i. The person sitting closest on the right of the primary person may choose first
  1. b. On the board game, move the number of spaces forward or backward as indicated by your card. A start number is not necessary to begin the board game portion.
  Type of Card                         Spaces Allowed to Move
  Face value except 5                  Move forward the number on that card
  Jack, queen or king                  10 spaces forward
  Ace                                  1 or 11 spaces forward
  Face value 5                         Move backward 5 spaces

  1. c. If your card has a suit of hearts on it, you have the option of moving double the number of spaces
    1. i. Eg: if you choose a 9 of hearts, you many move either 9 or 18 spaces
  1. d. Start off the board so that, for example, if you pick a card that says 4, you end up on the fourth square of the board game

12. If you land on a square containing the beginning of an upward arrow, you must move your icehouse piece along the path of the arrow and to the box containing the upward facing arrow head

  1. a. Eg: If the first arrow is located on the square 4 and the arrow head lies in square 12, move the piece from the 4th square to the 12th square

13. If you land on a square contacting the beginning of a downward arrow, you must move your icehouse piece along the path of the arrow and to the box containing the downward facing arrowhead

  1. a. Eg: If the downward arrow begins on the square 14 and the arrow head lies in square 2, move the piece from the 14th square to the 2nd square

14. After all secondary persons have moved their icehouse pieces on the game board, a new round is started

  1. a. You may place the old Would You Rather card into a discard pile
  1. b. You may hold on to your space-determining cards from the traditional deck of cards until all cards have been drawn. At this point, recycle your cards into a new pile, and be sure that someone shuffles the new deck

15. To start the next round, the person to the right of the previous primary person now becomes the new primary person

16. All others are considered secondary persons, including the previous primary person

17. The new primary person must begin the process again by choosing a card from the pile of Would You Rather cards

  1. a. Reminders: only the secondary persons who choose the same scenario as the primary persons are allowed to proceed to the traditional deck of cards and game board portion of the game. The primary person and mismatching secondary persons are not allowed to make any more moves until the next round.

18. Continue the rounds until someone has reached the top of the board game

  1. a. At this point, someone has reached square 100
  1. b. A perfect number is not needed to land on this square

End of the Game

Race to the top until you have landed or moved beyond square 100!

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