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Mad Lab Rabbits was a fan club program started in 2000 for volunteer supporters of Looney Labs games. Rabbits promoted Looney Labs games through convention support, in-store demos, and by multiplying (encouraging new fans).

Rabbits who promoted Looney Labs games earned Carrot Points, which could be spent as dollars on certain items in the Looney Labs online store. Some promotional items, such as the gray colored stash, could be purchased à la carte only with Carrot Points. At one time, Treehouse dice were worth 1 Carrot Point apiece, a "cubic carrot coin". A mail-in rebate program was created for Rabbits to mail in Treehouse dice for Carrot Points.

In 2007, the Mad Lab Rabbit program was suspended, and placed into indefinite overhaul. Carrot Points became obsolete, and the Rabbit-only portion of the webstore was discontinued. Rabbits were encouraged to create a new Rabbit bio on the RabbitWiki until the new fan club program was ready.

In late 2010, a new "fan club" was established at Ning, and as of 2012 the fan club includes a Demo Team, where Looney Labs Game Technicians ("Game Techs") are intended take up some of the old Rabbit functions.

The pyramid-specific component of the fan club is the Icehouse Academy of Starship Captains.