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An Icehouse game by Nate Straight.


The classic Mensa Select strategy game, Quarto, enters the Icehouse world.


The object is to force your opponent into giving you a piece that can complete a Quinto.


5 colored stashes of Icehouse pieces

1 5x5 game board, as used in Volcano

2 players and approximately 30 minutes


Place the game board between the two players, with all of the Icehouse pieces on the side.


On each player's turn, they will select one piece from the unplayed Icehouse pieces on the side of the game board and give it to their opponent to play. Their opponent will then place the piece they are given onto the game board in any vacant square or on top of another piece in order to create either a nest or a tree. Nests and trees may begin from either the inner / bottom or the middle piece of the nest or tree, and may contain any combination of colors. Only the outermost / topmost piece of the nest or tree will be counted as being in play. Also, nests must remain as nests and trees must remain as trees.


The game ends when a player completes a Quinto, a row of five pieces that are all either the same color or size, or that are all five different colors. That player wins the game.