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"Has improper value for" is a predefined property to track input errors for irregular value annotations that was likely caused by type or allowed value restrictions and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

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A-A-Arctic Kettering +Primary Theme  +
Abiegnus +Max Playing Time  +
Aeb +Min Playing Time  +
Aeb +Max Playing Time  +
Alheimur +Min Playing Time  +
Alheimur +Max Playing Time  +
Ambush (French) +Mecanisme secondaire  +
Apophis (French) +Mecanisme secondaire  +
Arena +Primary Theme  +
Armada (French) +Mecanisme secondaire  +
Around & Around +Primary Theme  +
Ascendancy +Primary Theme  +
Attack of the Mids +Primary Theme  +
Attactics +Primary Theme  +
Battle Zone +Primary Theme  +
Blam! (Polish) +Primary Theme  +
Bottoms Up +Primary Theme  +
Branches & Twigs & Thorns (Polish) +Max Playing Time  +
Branches & Twigs & Thorns (Polish) +Min Playing Time  +
Breakthrough +Primary Theme  +
Browse games/Playable with Homeworlds +Has query  +
Buyer's Market +Primary Theme  +
Candy Capture +Primary Theme  +
Cathouse +Primary Theme  +
Chaos +Primary Theme  +
Chivalry +Primary Theme  +
Cliff Mining +Primary Theme  +
The Closest Ghost +Primary Theme  +
Cold Spell +Primary Theme  +
Continuum +Primary Theme  +
Cover Up +Primary Theme  +
CoverFire +Primary Theme  +
CrackeD ICE (Polish) +Min Playing Time  +
CrackeD ICE (Polish) +Max Playing Time  +
Crosswalk +Primary Theme  +
DNA +Primary Theme  +
Dash +Primary Theme  +
Depict +Primary Theme  +
Dog Eat Dog +Primary Theme  +
DogFight +Primary Theme  +
Drip (French) +Mecanisme secondaire  +
E, the Game of Martian Chinese Checkers +Primary Theme  +
Elemental Towers +Primary Theme  +
Enantiomerfolk +Primary Theme  +
Erebusicehouse +Primary Theme  +
The Fast and Ferocious; or, Black Ice +Primary Theme  +
Folio +Primary Theme  +
Forts +Primary Theme  +
Foxtrot +Primary Theme  +
Fuji-san +Primary Theme  +
Gala +Primary Theme  +
Geodeto +Primary Theme  +
Giants and Dwarves +Primary Theme  +
Gnaqush +Primary Theme  +
GravityPlane +Primary Theme  +
Great Game of Guessing +Primary Theme  +
Gridiron +Primary Theme  +
Gridlock +Primary Theme  +
Gygès (Polish) +Min Playing Time  +
Gygès (Polish) +Max Playing Time  +
HamstersOnIce +Primary Theme  +
Hexachess +Primary Theme  +
Hextris +Primary Theme  +
Hextris (French) +Mecanisme secondaire  +
Horde Runners +Max Playing Time  +
Horde Runners +Primary Theme  +
Ice Arena +Primary Theme  +
Ice Colony +Primary Theme  +
Ice Etin's Cave +Primary Theme  +
Ice Ice Baby +Primary Theme  +
Ice Pirates +Primary Theme  +
Ice Points +Primary Theme  +
Ice Points +Max Playing Time  +
Ice Solo +Primary Theme  +
Ice Soo Sorry +Primary Theme  +
Ice Stalks +Primary Theme  +
Ice Storm +Primary Theme  +
Ice Tiddly Winks +Primary Theme  +
Ice-Turn +Primary Theme  +
Ice3 +Primary Theme  +
IceGolf +Min Playing Time  +
IceHanoi +Primary Theme  +
The IceStar +Primary Theme  +
IceToids +Primary Theme  +
IceTowers (Polish) +Min Playing Time  +
IceTowers (Polish) +Max Playing Time  +
Iceberg +Primary Theme  +
Icebomb Arena +Primary Theme  +
Icehouse Dash +Primary Theme  +
Iceships +Primary Theme  +
Igloo +Primary Theme  +
Isoku +Primary Theme  +
King o' the Castle +Primary Theme  +
Kotra +Primary Theme  +
La Linterna de Lisi­crates +Primary Theme  +
Landrush +Primary Theme  +
Launchpad 23 +Primary Theme  +
Lava Flows +Primary Theme  +
Limn +Primary Theme  +