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Piecepack is a generic game system, inspired in part by the Icehouse game system. It was designed from the ground up as a generic board game system, and so it has components for those specific purposes; pieces to build a board, pawns, dice, and tokens with values that can be hidden. Unlike Icehouse, one of the original design intents was to make the game in the public domain, to encourage widespread adoption. Some games have been developed that mix piecepack pieces with Icehouse pieces to make hybrid games. Because of the flexibility of pyramids, and the public domain ideals of piecepack proponents, some people have developed a set of piecepack pyramids so there can be a public domain standard for integrating pyramids with piecepack games. Piecepack pyramids don't appear to be widely used, however.

Hybrid Icehouse/piecepack games

See the Piecepack category for the full list of games.

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