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The IceWiki goes to school

Students in a First Year Foundations class are using the IceWiki to coordinate their classroom experiments in game design! Help collaborate with them, and give them feedback on their designs.

Summer 2008

Winter IGDC Done; Summer IGDC starts in June 2008

The IGDC Summer 2008 voting starts in a few months. It will be an open design competition, so start thinking about new games! The deadline for submitting designs is June 20.

Thanks to Mudlock for taking over organizing the contest.

Results are posted for the Winter 2008 Icehouse Game Design Competition. See that page for full details.

Thanks to David Artman for organizing the contest.

April, 2007

Major System Upgrade

In April 2007, both the system hardware and software were upgraded. This seems to have fixed the longstanding difficulties in setting user preferences and uploading files, but speak up if you notice anything still broken.     (Thanks, MiSuBa!)

Anti-Spam Brigade

Help cook our spam
Monitor some spam edits by following the Show new changes starting from link on the search for recent unchecked edits.

Spammer and vandal attacks are far rarer than they used to be, but we should still remain vigilant. Thanks for all our volunteer anti-spam policemen for their efforts.

As of April 2007, we also have some bogus user accounts, but they aren't doing much damage.