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This is a list of all games that debuted in 2010. This page in being used to organize and manage the 2010 Ice Awards contest amongst the judges.

Game Designer Comments
Nile Zach Hoekstra Scott Myers Slight clarifications by the author make it a solid game.
Plutonian Poker Spencer Lipori Ryan Hackel Fun and interesting. Pass! Russ Williams We played 3 times; addictive "just one more" clever fun. Pass.
Pyramideto Jan Divecky Scott Myers Simpler version of the game Flags. Pass! Also: Print-n-play Pyramideto Goals Ryan Hackel My niece and nephew love Pyramideto! It works great with its target audience, so PASS.
Pyrinoes Andy Bond Bryan Stout Adds strategic depth to dominoes. Pass. Jeff Wolfe Provides some interesting decisions for building or playing pyrinoes, in addition to the dominoes. Rules are pretty well written. Ryan Hackel Best written rules I've seen so far this year.
Eliminated in Round 3
Crystal Wars Jeff Hammans Scott Myers Possibly, one of the most thorough pyramid based wargame systems I've seen. Bryan Stout It looks potentially good, but the combat rules are too ambiguous to play right now. I do want to try it when it's clear.
Emperor's Garden Diz Hooper Scott Myers Good game. Not very "icy," but cool. tiles drawn by the author. (Although, you can completely play this with a standard "western" deck of playing cards.) Scott, later I believe the great attraction here is how attractive the concept is. Actual game play, however, relies heavily on knowing what the score cards are, with essentially a small number of choices based on what each player knows. Most likely outcome is each player stands on a card of their known goal, and pushes the emperor around. ehn. Bryan Stout suggests Second Edition rules, previously unknown on this wiki, have been posted. Vastly improved. Bryan Stout Now it's a game with lots of tactical maneuvering for multiple scoring opportunities. Pass.
Iceminers Sam Zitin Scott Myers Uses the opaques to very good effect. Rules could be a little cleaner. Pass! Eric Wald Fun, light roll-and-move game. Pass! Ryan Hackel Tried it once. Wasn't impressed enough to play it again since.
Nimbus Erik Oosterwal Bryan Stout Interesting Nim-like game. Pass. Russ Williams The all-or-nothing scoring for collecting the last piece seems harsh. But it's fun. Pass. Bryan Stout I like the idea a lot, but it's too big for it's idea; it needs to be redone on a smaller scale.
Eliminated in Round 2
Block ur Friends aka BurF Brian Hamilton Eric Wald Very light game; could use one rules clarification, but meets the qualifications. Pass. Scott Myers Even the developer seems unsure of its strengths. It's nice, but not very compelling.
Boundary Antoine Richard Scott Myers: Straight-forward game with easy to understand rules. Pass! Eric Wald: Challenging, with plenty of restrictions to keep in mind. However, we misunderstood the rules on the first playtest. More opinions? Scott Myers: I think the thing to bear in mind is that you don't actually teleport with the middle stones; they just give the potential to cross the middle of the board. In some ways, this isn't the strongest game just because the pieces are mostly blocking each other most of the time, and otherwise you're just trying to get fFrom here to there. Chinese checkers without the hopping. Scott again: Played it again. Not as strong as some others. Cool game, but ... sorry.
Crystal Caverns Jeff Hammans Scott Myers This is a good game, but I think mostly, the length of the game is sort of not helpful to it in this case. It's a fFun game, but it is not likely to get much playtime at Origins, etc. I will encourage a game whenever I'm able, but i think it's not as likely to get a lot of playtime in. Not that length of game is an actual requirement, but it is surely a consideration.
Flags Jan Divecky Scott Myers I spoke to Jan and he suggests cutting this. It's a good game (I like it), but he is interested in developing it more, possibly re-releasing it under a new name within the next year.
Kaeru Julien Griffon Jeff Wolfe Pass Scott Myers This is pretty good. It's nice and simple. But there's room fFor improvement too. Other opinions? Ryan Hackel The decision tree in Kaeru is limited to three branches at best. Works as a kids game, but is bested by Pyramideto in that field. Scott Myers You know, I agree with that. And with the release of 7 Dragons, maybe this is a good chance fFor Julien to work on some variation on theme fFor next year, perhaps. Kaeru is alright, but it can be more.
Pushing Race Julien Griffon late 2009 Scott Myers rules need clarification. PASS! / Played it again with Greg. It has problems and ambiguities.
Pyramids in my pocket Julien Griffon Greg Lattanzio Pass Scott Myers It has a couple nice elements, but also isn't a very deep game.
Eliminated in Round 1
Elementalist Tanis Kint Russ Williams Needs more development; first player advantage too big, setup/drafting took longer than game itself
Circuit Connection Brian Hamilton Scott Myers There is something here. But I'm not sure it really works. Rules are hard to understand. Doesn't pass.
Cryosquare Spencer Cappallo Greg Lattanzio As written, the rules are broken; I've added playtest results and suggestions.
Game of Princes Julien Griffon late 2009 Bryan Stout Rules ambiguous on some points. Does not pass.
Nimitz Erik Oosterwal Scott Myers I think the strength here is in the idea of misere play. The game, though, isn't so hot. Doesn't pass.
Pharaoh Andrew Looney Sorry Andy, we love you, your games are not eligible!
SandShips Andrew Looney Sorry Andy, we love you, your games are not eligible!
Skyscrapers Erik Oosterwal Ryan Hackel Playable but breakable.
Snowball Fight! Erik Oosterwal Ryan Hackel The rules are clear, but the game doesn't go anywhere. Does not pass.
Yshuis Erik Oosterwal Jeff Wolfe The setup instructions cut off mid-sentence, so I was unable to start. Otherwise, the rules are a little sparse. They could stand to be expanded, with examples and illustrations added for clarity.