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I was thinking one day about ways to play my favorite game, Binary Homeworlds, without having to carry my pyramids around. I mean, yeah, pyramids are awesome, but they can be bulky. I realized that I could use playing cards by having a suit for each power instead of a color. Instead of upright and flat have vertical and horizontal. Instead of pointing in a certain direction, just have them on one side or the other of the system. All that was left was sizes. Face cards for large, "low" cards for small and "higher" cards for medium. It kinda worked, but trying to take in the board at a glace was too difficult. I thought about making my own custom cards, but I'm lazy. And then I remembered my Mu deck...

Mu is a card game with five suits numbered 0 to 9 with duplicates of 1 and 7. The suits are colored just like Rainbow Treehouse sets! In addition to the numbers on the cards (which are used to win tricks) there are triangles (which are used for scoring). Three cards in each suit have two triangles (the 6 and the two 7s), three have none (the 9 and the two 1s), and the other six have one.

By using the Red, Yellow, Green and Blue suits with 3 "no-pip", 3 "one-pip" and 3 "two-pips" cards each, I suddenly had my Homeworlds deck! And unlike when I was using a standard playing card deck, it was pretty easy to get a feel for the board at a glace. Having the colors match up helped so much.

It makes me wonder what other kinds of games I could make combining Rainbow pyramids and Mu cards...