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Welcome to the IcehouseGames Wiki - the Looney Pyramid community wiki

A site by and for those who enjoy pyramid games1.

People like you who enjoy pyramid games are reading and improving 180 articles concerning 527 games on this site today.

Note: The wiki was reborn in 2016, but user accounts were not preserved; if you had an account on the wiki before, you will need to create a new one.

Welcome to IcehouseWiki – the Looney Pyramids Community Wiki

A game of WarpShips in progress, one of the many games featured here on

Current Events February 2021 Raffle Contest by Looney Labs To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Looney Labs has launched a contest in which players can earn raffle tickets for rare Looney items. Read more about it here.

View All Games by Release Year or by Design Stage with descriptions to see what you can play with your pyramids.

What Can I Play? — a list to help new players find games to play based on desired inputs3

Published Games — made by Looney Labs or others, the most commonly known and played pyramids games.

Award-Winning Games — have won awards from the hobby game industry, from within the pyramid fan community, or other game design communities.

Browse games — quickly peruse all of the games on the site. Pick a search criteria and get an up-to-date list of all relevant games, regardless of designer or development stage.

Community Games — new games by fans, for fans, in all stages of development from initial to finished.

Strategy — strategy articles for particular games, or for gaming strategy in general

Looney pyramid game system — all about the Looney Pyramid game system... history, culture, and miscellany

Playing Games and Designing Games

The latest and greatest in Looney Pyramids: Pyramid Arcade

This site is an excellent resource for people who want to play games, and it's also a playground for people who want to design games. We use the Looney pyramid game system because it is especially versatile. The pyramids are pawns, playing cards, and poker chips rolled into one. If you play IceTowers, Zendo, and Homeworlds, the pyramids will take on totally different roles in each game.

When designing games with Looney pyramids, you are encouraged to break the unwritten rules that players are used to in other games... rules like "you have to take turns", "my pieces are in my color", and "you have to play on a board." See below for specifics on how to get seen by other readers here.

These games tend to be portable, too. Bring a stash or four, maybe a chessboard bandana or some marking stones, and you're ready to play wherever you go.

Designing Games

The Looney pyramids are fertile ground for game designers, and new games for pyramids are being created all the time. Many people who play with Looney pyramids design a new game to play with them. Some people only create one pyramid game, while others create many. This wiki is a great place to record your ideas, seek inspiration, and leave advice for others.

If you have created a pyramid game, make a page for it on this wiki. Add your game to the master list and to the Community Games page. Please add Categories to your game, so that others can find it based on their tastes and available equipment. Don't forget to tell the rest of the pyramid community about your new creation. If you do, you will get helpful feedback on how to improve your design from a group that has a lot of experience at testing new ideas.

If you've tried out somebody else's pyramid game, liked it, and think it's ready for prime time, add it to the What Can I Play? page.

Using the Wiki

You can learn about Wikis and see the complete primer on editing wiki pages. If you want to test out editing, use the wiki sandbox.


Browse our pages and see what we have to see! Along the way, you'll find a page that needs your help. Maybe it needs a picture, or better spelling, or something else that you can do something about. This is a wiki: Dive right in! Also, anybody can make a page with the rules for a game that already exists (if you are substantially duplicating game rules or other potentially copyrighted materials, make sure you have permission to do so from the original designer).

Please take a minute to read our page on Policies and Usage Conventions. If you'd love to help us improve the wiki overall, please see the Community Portal and the Main Page Talk for further info.


If you have something that needs admin attention, please use their Talk pages. The template {{admin}} is also a helpful way to point out particular issues.

  • Ryan Hackel is the most active Bureaucrat here. He handles all the day-to-day maintenance of the Wiki, its users and its content. Most concerns should be directed to him.
  • Brian Campbell is currently the webmaster of this site, and any MediaWiki or web hosting issues should be directed at him.
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  1. This site is not affiliated with or Looney Labs, who publish and sell Looney pyramids.
  2. Games can be classified by number of stashes or players required, time to play, other play equipment used, and even themes and particular mechanics.