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The most recent Icehouse buzz is happening at the Pyramid Games subforum of the Looney Labs Fan Club and the Starship Captains Facebook Group. Be part of the conversation!

Pyramid Arcade

Looney Labs has Kickstarted a brand new boxed set of pyramids and tons of neat new other components for pyramid games called Pyramid Arcade. Check it out if you haven't already, and start playing and designing games with all of these great new components!

Rebirth of the wiki

Due to some technical issues with upgrading MediaWiki, the software for this wiki had not been upgraded in years. Eventually, upgrades of PHP on the web host led to the wiki to stop working entirely.

After some consideration, we have done a dump and restore of just the latest version of all pages; this loses all history and all user accounts, but preserves the content of the wiki. The old wiki is still available read-only to browse the history at

If you had an account on the old wiki, you will need to re-create it on this wiki. The actual user pages are preserved, so once you create your account you should get your old user page back. Note that there's nothing stopping someone else from creating an account with your old user name; apologies for that.

700+ pages about 400+ games

April 2012: We have reached another third-figure milestone in the growth of this site: 400 games! Thanks to everybody who has helped to make the Icehouse community, and this wiki, grow!

Major Reorganization

April 2011: We replaced Existing Games with two new pages: Published Games and Award-Winning Games. All fan-made games, regardless of state of development, are now listed under Community Games. Games Under Development no longer lists games directly. If you're a designer, make sure your game didn't get lost in the shuffle. What Can I Play? was also culled at this time, but new entries are welcome.

Recent New Games and Articles


Andy Bond won the 2010 ICE Award in June of 2011 for his game design, Pyrinoes.

The 2011 Ice Awards process is underway! Please see the fan club forum (at Ning) to participate.

Upgrade, With Semantic Annotations

Along with an upgrade to the latest version of MediaWiki (hopefully the image troubles are now sorted), we now support Semantic MediaWiki annotations. Instructions and explanations over here. (Just to forestall any arguments, if you're wondering "which way" to annotate a given property or aspect of something, the officially admin-supported answer is "both, and we'll sort it out later.") - misuba 02:46, 16 June 2008 (UTC)

Game Infobox Redesign

Can you help us improve our venerable infobox, Template:Infobox Game? The new infobox should have available the list of parameters shown on Talk:Infobox, although it doesn't need to use all of them. See Talk:Infobox for the discussion.

Older News

See the News Archive.